Wanted Balloons

Nothing more fun and relaxing than popping balloons, isn't that right? Now you get to have that with you, all the time. Download it! Install and Play! It is easy and fast! Search and pop “the wanted” balloon but be careful not to make a mistake. Compete against players from all around the world in real time. Use the rainbow balloon to create large explosions and score lots of points. Share your score on facebook and show everyone that you are the best. A game that not only will entertain you but it will also test your ability to stay focused on your objective. Your fingers get faster while you are trying to pop all the balloons that appear on the screen.Why should I download this game? + It is addictive and relaxing + It is extremely fun + You compete with your friends + It helps you concentrate + Colorful and animated graphics + Incredible balloons + Amazing effects + And much more Fun balloons, popping balloons and playing with balloons. Anti-stress, relaxing games, fun games, fast games, multiplayer games, casual games, games of skill, strategy games, concentration games.




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